Look deep
into nature, and then
you will understand everything better

Albert Einstein

Nature is so bountiful that it doesn’t only provide us with an endless number of plant species and materials with which to work, it tells us how to go about that work as well. To create infinite combinations that retain the essence of nature, all we need to do is combine plants, stones and soil types, whilst bearing in mind these crucial elements:

Light. The source of life, it determines the plants’ location. Whether it be in the shade or the sun, the final composition will depend on the garden’s orientation.
Water. A vital source of nourishment, although we can diminish its presence in xerophytic gardens, we cannot do without it.
Form. It reflects the perfection of geometry, something that can be observed in the labyrinth of golden ratios that make up the petals of a rose, or in the logarithmic spiral of a nautilus.
Colour. The seasons don’t just transform the colour of a garden, they are also the guiding hand behind the evolution of flowers and fruits as they mature.