Les Jardins de l’Espoir
Apostolic Nunciature, Haití

The garden of the Apostolic Nunciature in Port-au-Prince (with more than 140 botanical species) is comprised of a magnificent collection of orchids, bromeliads and tropical palms, woods with large trees such as the mahogany tree, coffee plantations beneath their branches, and a majestic rose garden containing varieties from all over the world. Similarly, for three years we redesigned the spiritual gardens dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the Baby Jesus of Prague and to Saint Francis, as well as renovating other areas, such as the entrance.

Thanks to the Apostolic Nunciature initiative, we succeeded in turning a highly necessary environmental project in a country where the rate of deforestation is scandalously high, into a reality. By collecting seedlings that sprouted spontaneously in woods after each rainy season, and then disappeared with the onset of the dry season, we managed to raise social conscience and find sponsors for over 600 trees. With the proceeds we funded social Nunciature projects aimed at alleviating, amongst others, the destructive effects of the natural disasters that devastated the island just a few months previously (hurricane Matthew).