The Sensory Garden
The Canadian Embassy, Haiti

After a tender in 2016, Ginkgo Landscape was chosen to create the new gardens for the headquarters of the Canadian Embassy in Port-au-Prince, and to redesign the gardens of the Official Residence. We designed twelve gardens, which are a tribute to the relations between Haiti and Canada: the Red River Garden, the White River Garden, the Sensory Garden, the Citrus Garden, the Xeric Garden, the Haitian Garden, the Tropical Garden, the Orchid Garden, the Secret Garden, the Fruit Garden and the two Canadian Flag Gardens (at the Embassy and at the Official Residence).

The colours, shapes and plants used in the project reflect the collaboration between the two countries: the Canadian flag flies above three tropical palm trees shrouding some typically Haitian red wax mallow which, in turn, sway above a maple leaf (symbol of the Canadian flag) carved into the lawn and covered with red pine bark (the national colour of Canada). Nothing in this labyrinth of corridors, raised plant beds and hidden nooks covered in lush vegetation is there by chance: it is all a wholly premeditated tribute to the senses.