If you have a garden
and a library, you have
everything you need

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Ginkgo Landscape. We are an international landscape studio, our mission is to create conceptual, innovative gardens, dreamed up from an artistic perspective. We are inspired by nature to design spaces overflowing with energy, beauty and harmony. We use native botanical species in both our corporate and private environmental projects, in keeping with our Mediterranean-tropical style. The atmosphere and history of a location serve as our starting point for interpreting the most enticing projects, in which every space conceals a story that justifies its existence.

Rosa M. Ceño Elie-Joseph. After 10 years at the head of Art in Translation, the language consultancy specialising in translating texts on art, the creator of Ginkgo Landscape decided to swap “words” for “plants” for the purpose of creating beauty. She projects the soul of her Spanish, Lebanese and Haitian origins into her gardens, communicates with her clients in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian or Creole, and seeks inspiration in the classical gardens she has visited during the course of her travels to over 40 countries: from Greece and Italy, to Japan, Mexico and Guatemala, Tunisia and Morocco.

Ginkgo 2 Rosa Ceño

Image by M. de León