Nature always
wears the colours
of the spirit

Ralph Waldo Emerson

We create sensory gardens, oases of peace and joy, micro universes where the five senses can reign unleashed. They aren’t just a source of tranquillity to the eyes and the soul, they can also include healing and regenerative plants with medicinal effects.

Sight. Harmony, beauty and balance make up soothing, deeply significant spaces.

Hearing. Musical trees, fountains, waterfalls… Sounds that blend into the wind.

Smell. Evocative perfumes and fragrances, like jasmin or orange blossom, honeysuckle or roses.

Taste. Aromatic plants, citruses, vegetable gardens…. Flavours that tantalise the palate such as fresh basil.

Touch. The texture of moss, of a lawn, or the bark of a tree. The joy of strolling amongst ferns or heliconias.