Rosa María Ceño Elie-Joseph, specialist in tropical gardens, designs unique green spaces. The starting point of  Ginkgo Landscape’s working methodology is understanding our client´s wishes in order to create tropical gardens with artistic designs where they feel represented. This is how we generate exclusive experiences sustained by our international background, consolidated through visits to gardens in more than 40 countries, including the design of  turnkey  projects in Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America, from a global and harmonic perspective.


Our command of 6 languages (Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Creole) ensures that none of the nuances the client wishes to convey to us are lost; from experience, we know that these subtle nuances are the hallmark of a truly unique experience. Once we have understood the client’s needs, we translate them into tropical garden language expressed in artistic mode: Sound experience in the art market , acquired between 2002 and 2012 in Art in Translation, has enabled us to create a unique landscape gardening concept in which works of art merge with sustainable space designs in a tropical-Mediterranean style, where the client is the main source of inspiration.


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Ángeles Suárez
Delighted with the result. 100% professionalism.

Camino Brasa
Rosa Ceño gave me valuable advice about what I could put in each space, depending on the light, orientation and conditions. Now I live surrounded by beautiful rhododendrons, Banksia roses, fragrant jasmine… and I’m a little bit happier.


Susana Berberian 
Ginkgo Landscape created a Paradise in my urban terrace! Thank you so much for coming to Guatemala and renovating my favorite place, home!

Melissa Padberg 
I enjoyed working with Rosa very much. She bought a lot of creativity to the project and always gave 110% She really loves what she does!

Rosa María Elie de Marbella, Andalucía, ES en Houzz
Rosa María Elie de Marbella, Andalucía, ES en Houzz
Rosa María Elie de Marbella, Andalucía, ES en Houzz


The Garden of Eden

A landscape design presented at Marbella Design Fair 2019, featuring works of art by Eduardo Chillida Belzunce, in collaboration with the Blanca Soto Arte Gallery, and as part of ‘The Path of Art’ project: tropical plants, delicious fruits and aromatic flowers envelop Adam and Eve in a deep sea of vegetation. #gardenofedenginkgo

Marbella DesignBlanca Soto Arte

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The Colours of the Soul

Conceptual garden design for the Senda-Lab 36 Gallery featuring Julia, a work of art by Jaume Plensa, as the centrepiece. We imagined Julia, pristine white, in a lake, surrounded by colourful islands that reflect the states of her soul. The end result is infinite, as each spectator will interiorise the colours in keeping with their individuality. #coloresdelalmaginkgo

The Endless Forest

A conceptual garden designed around the works of art of Rubén Fdez. Castón for the Blanca Soto Arte Gallery and presented at the Affordable Art Fair of Milan 2019. A structure of concentric circles houses the sculptor’s work of art and echoes three of his artistic stages in a forest of jacaranda trees reflected on a sheet of water. #bosqueinfinitoginkgo


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Inner Sea

L35. Architecture, Urban Planning and Design. This international architecture studio tasked us with designing the gardens of a residential complex in Palma de Mallorca. We used autochthonous or naturalised plants, in tropical-Mediterranean style, and succeeded in creating a sustainable oasis inspired by the principles of xero-gardening. #marinteriorginkgo

The White Night

A private garden (former Swedish Embassy in Madrid) designed using scented white flowering plants, the most visible colour in the dark: Banksia roses measuring over five metres high cover the pergolas of a rooftop terrace perfumed with myrtles, jasmines, white lavender… #nocheblancaginkgo

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Urban Oasis

International Hotel Chain. This design showcasing sculptures from the Blanca Soto Arte Gallery (Ciriza, Tolosa) transforms an urban space into a tropical oasis. Vertical gardens help to reduce CO2 emissions, air conditioning consumption and ambient temperature. The colour white stimulates tranquility. #oasistropicalginkgo